Leadership is a team that has been leading the evolution of personalization and fan engagement for well over a decade. Founders Chris Reynolds and Jason Angelides entered the industry over 20 years ago and in 2012 founded OneTwoSee, which grew to be the leading provider of personalized second screen companion sports experiences in North America.   

After being acquired by Comcast in 2016, the core team then went on to lead the development and scaling of the personalization platform behind Comcast Xfinity SportsZone, Sky Sports and NBC Sports, and are now applying that expertise to the gaming industry.

Chris Reynolds*
Co-Founder & CEO (PA)
Jason Angelides*
Co-Founder & President (PA)
Nathan Offutt*
Head of Engineering (PA)
Riley Tolstedt*
Head of Product (CA)
Clay Simmons*
Chief Software Architect (AR)

* Tenured OneTwoSee / Comcast Team was founded in 2021 on the premise that future success in sports media and betting will be reliant on delivering highly personalized experiences, that are easy for everyone to use and tailored to the specific needs and behaviors patterns of end users. We are a data driven product development team all trained in advanced and proven product development methodologies. We utilize a Silicon Valley Product Group™ approach to development, risk mitigation, design and data analysis.