The Future is Personalized. Bet on it.

Epoxy.ai is an AI/ML-based personalization technology company providing tools that help sports leagues, betting companies and media entities develop new forms of customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Addressing a Common Need

Focused on making every experience unique to the end user, our market leading products put player engagement at its heart, boosting acquisition and retention on a global scale.

With a combination of off-the-shelf plug and play components, as well as a suite of licensable and easily integrated API’s, Epoxy.ai has established itself as the one of the market’s most advanced AI-based engagement platforms



Your Fan Engagement Platform

SDK and APIs powered by AI and machine learning

Superpower Existing CRM Systems and Workflows

Epoxy’s best in class customer analysis platform uses AI to provide a true customer 360 degree view. Discover and unlock actionable personas and insights across all of your customer touch points with ease while automating complex workflows.

Personalize your Entire Sportsbook Experience

Our unique and configurable approach to recommendations allows for the thoughtful creation of personalized experiences for every customer interaction. Easily customize to take advantage of all your inventory, while increasing discovery and boosting engagement.

Improve Engagement and Profitability Across the Board

Epoxy’s platform goes beyond simple ordering of the lobby and optimizes the entire customer acquisition and engagement workflow using the power of AI.  Whether it’s predicting churn, dynamically powering hyper targeted promotions, or optimizing for profitability, Epoxy.ai can help take your iCasino experience to the next level.

Add ACR to any service for enhanced context

Gain valuable insights around viewing behavior, in real time. With our sports specific Automated Content Recognition service, teams can provide truly differentiated and engaging experiences.