Audience Cloud


Audience Cloud

Audience Cloud is a sports gaming and media analysis insights service that utilizes purpose built Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide an ongoing view of your user segments throughout the year. It’s meant to help gaming operators and sport media entities understand how their users are engaging with their products over time – as they change with seasonality and evolve, giving our partners the ability to better and more efficiently support acquisition, retention and retargeting.

How It Works

Audience Cloud uses anonymous user data including bet history, location, and other contextual cues. The service takes that data and applies algorithms designed for sports and betting specific context. The system clusters users by a wide variety of attributes that automatically adjust as seasons, and available actions and behaviors, come in and out of season.

Through use of MAIDs, IP addresses and other IDs, uses its integrations with data marketplaces and repositories to find those users and glean a wide variety of common attributes shared by each profile. This can include demographics, commonly visited websites, purchase history, and more.

Create Value

  • Ongoing segmentation of users equates to better targeting, retargeting and acquisition
  • Longitudinal analysis how customers are engaging with your products now and over time
  • Identify potential acquisition candidates that are less likely to churn
  • Connect to Experian or similar databases to generate data driven marketing and acquisitions strategies
  • Better cold start to match new customers to the best offers based on common behavioral trends