Our Platform APIs

Our platform unlocks unique user experiences that support acquisition, personalization, content discovery and retention. From enabling a turn-key companion betting experience, to simply licensing our TV detection technology, our SDK is designed to meet the specific needs of your business and can evolve over time. 


User behaviors are always changing, so should your knowledge of how they are engaging with your product. 

  • Audience clustering 
  • Attribute matching 
  • Acquisition target identification 
  • User persona definition 
  • 20-40% potential reduction in CAC  


Unlock personalization with our AI driven recommendations tailored for your users based on their ever-changing habits and interests. 

  • Increased user engagement 
  • Conversion analytics 
  • Create personalized notifications 
  • Broadest base of data sources 


of Core and Casual bettors report they “like it when the products they use tailor the content to them so it’s easier to find what they want and discover new things”


Sports specific ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology that allows you to understand what your users are watching in real-time.  

  • < :02 second detection 
  • Follows channel changes between games 
  • Find video latency against live game action  
  • Plug and Play SDK 
  • Supports major mobile and TV OS


of bets placed on sports are expected to come from live action prop betting. Average TV latency across the US is ~45 seconds.


A dynamic graphic generator designed to turn flat, boring tabular bet offers and sports data into rich media graphics that are visually interesting, informative, and most importantly easy to understand.  

  • Personalized based on user persona 
  • Templated to meet customer’s brand needs 
  • Supports all major TV and Mobile platforms 
  • Supports affiliate offer and ad platforms 

Media Service 

Personalized AI driven media listing service that allows clients to show their users if, when, and where games are watchable. 

  • AI driven listing prioritization 
  • User specific ordering 
  • Simplify bet flow 
  • Adaptable to specific interface needs 


of core bettors, and 69% of casual bettors find it important or very important to be able to watch the games they bet on. Of those 59% check to make sure they can watch the games live before they place a bet.