Our Platform

Our platform comprised of a set of tools designed to be adapted to a wide variety of use cases across multiple sports verticals in the key areas of: Acquisition, Personalization, Content Discovery and Retention. Our tools are delivered as a platform of APIs which are designed for ease of integration and adaptability.   

Audience Cloud 

Audience Cloud provides clients with critical insights to help them understand how their users are engaging with their products over time. Additionally, our solution provides the capability to know what customers are watching in real time (ACR) – creating an unrivaled advantage.

  • Save time and marketing spend by quickly identifying your highest value customers or those likely to churn.
  • Understand unique usage patterns that yield higher conversions.
  • Consolidate thousands of datasets into one easy to use dashboard – for even greater granularity.


At the heart of of what we do is provide our clients with the means to create a personalized experiences. AI and ML recommendation engine delivers offers and other contextual content to customer based on a variety of proprietary algorithms – and the only one to consider what the user is watching in real time.

  • Increase retention, satisfaction, and conversions
  • Save time with pre-built algorithms:
    • User history based
    • Popularity based
    • Geo based 
    • Persona based
    • Or configure your own!
  • Flexible enough to include other datasets like ACR, for an even more personalized offering

Epoxy Connect

Connect with your customers through data. Making data connections is what we do. By connecting all the data elements needed to easily produce differentiated user experiences, we do all the heavy lifting. This allows you to bring one of a kind experiences to market at lighting pace that keep people coming back! 

Epoxy connections:

  • Thousands of player and team stats
  • What’s being watched and stadium offset
  • All player information and headshots
  • All team logos and imagery
  • What channel the game is on
  • Easy to understand bet descriptions
  • Related offers
  • Graphical bet summaries
  • Editorial video and copy 
  • Social and YouTube
  • Merchandise
  • Tickets
  • Visualization templates
  • Popularity score
  • And more